Camera Protocol

The camera protocol allows to configure camera payloads and request their status. It supports photo and video cameras and includes messages to query and configure the onboard camera storage.

Still camera control

Message interface :

The CAMERA_IMAGE_CAPTURED message is intended for geo-tagging and camera feedback. It should be sent by the camera when an image has been taken. This message is not intended for latency-sensitive consumers, but rather for automatic geotagging from the GCS. There is also a retransmission protocol in place for this message.

The CAMERA_TRIGGER message is intended for informing onboard systems that a trigger event has occurred. It does not guarantee that a camera image has been captured. It is intended to be used in situations where a frame drop is not critical, but rather where time-stamping of e.g image and IMU data is required in a low-latency fashion (e.g Visual Inertial Odometry)

Command interface :

MAV_CMD_DO_TRIGGER_CONTROL - Used to control the onboard camera trigger (e.g which does camera control based on distance covered or time intervals). It should ONLY be used start/stop(unpause/pause) triggering functionality. FIXME : currently hackily used to set intervalometer cycle time, which should really be a different command.

Command Parameter Description
Param #1 Trigger enable/disable (set to 0 for disable, 1 for start)
Param #2 Trigger cycle time in milliseconds. FIXME : this field has no place here
Param #3 Sequence reset (set to 1 to reset image sequence number, 0 to keep current sequence number)

MAV_CMD_DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL - Used to control an onboard camera. Should be forwarded by onboard MAVLink routing system for controlling cameras which directly support MAVLink. It may also be consumed by an onboard camera control module and used to control a 'naive' camera. When an onboard trigger module is active, which paces a camera based on vehicle state (e.g distance covered), the trigger module should also emit this command for other MAVLink-compatible cameras on the bus.

Command Parameter Description
Param #5 Set to 1 to trigger a single image frame.

TODO : this cmd has more params

MAV_CMD_DO_SET_CAM_TRIGG_DIST - Sets the distance interval for camera triggering. The camera is triggered each time this distance over ground is covered by the aircraft. FIXME : currently it is hackily used to modify (enable/disable) trigger state.

Command Parameter Description
Param #1 Distance interval the camera should be triggered at in meters

[PROPOSED] MAV_CMD_DO_SET_CAM_TRIGG_INTERVAL - Sets the time interval for camera triggering. The camera is triggered each time this interval expires. FIXME : we need to define this.

Command Parameter Description
Param #1 Intervalometer cycle time in milliseconds.

Video camera control

TODO : Julian, Gus

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