Contributing to MAVLink

We follow the Github flow development model.

Contributions are divided into several categories:

  • Complicated changes that require significant review should be initiated using an RFC pull request in mavlink/rfcs. This is primarily intended for new microservice interface definitions, as these require discussion of both messages and message sequences (state machines) (examples: parameter or mission protocol). Depending on the scope of the change, it may also be required when modifying a microservice.
  • Less complex changes should be submitted as a PRs to the mavlink/mavlink repository. This includes message additions/changes that do not affect a state machine.
  • Changes to mavgen generator code should be submitted as PRs to the ArduPilot/Pymavlink repository.

The sections below explain how to contribute to each category and how to raise a pull request.

How to Contribute Complex Changes

  • Open a pull request against the RFC repository containing a new RFC number and use the template in the 0000 RFC.
  • Reach out to the community on Slack and the mailing list to raise awareness
  • Address concerns by pushing more commits to the pull request

How to Contribute Simple Changes

How to Open a Pull Request

  1. First fork and clone the project project.
  2. Create a feature branch off master

    git checkout -b mydescriptivebranchname

    Always branch off master for new features.

  3. Commit your changes with a descriptive commit message.

    • Include context information, what was fixed, and an issue number (Github will link these then conveniently)
    • Example:

      Change the attitude output spec documentation
      - Fixes a typo
      - Clarifies that units are radians
      Fixes issue #123
  4. Test your changes (we may ask you for test results in your PR).

  5. Push changes to your repo:

    git push origin mydescriptivebranchname
  6. Send a pull request to merge changes in the branch.

Dev Call

We have a regular dev call that is open to anyone who is interested in contributing to the project!

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