Generate Source Files for ROS

To add MAVlink messages/dialects while working with ROS:

  1. Follow the MAVROS source install instructions to install the mavlink-gbp-release which is the MAVlink library released for ROS.
  2. Uninstall the MAVlink package for ROS if previously installed.

     sudo apt-get remove ros-${rosversion -d}-mavlink

    or source devel/setup.bash of your catkin workspace to override the library directory.

  3. In the mavlink-gbp-release, add the new MAVlink message to common.xml or add the new dialect dialect_name.xml in the message definitions. Do not checkout your MAVlink branch because it is not the version synced with ROS.

  4. Generate the MAVlink headers catkin build mavlink. You can find the headers in ~/catkin_ws/build/mavlink/include/.

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