Pymavlink Scripts

This MAVLink library also comes with supporting libraries and scripts for using, manipulating, and parsing MAVLink streams within the pymavlink, pymavlink/tools, and pymavlink/examples directories.

The scripts have the following requirements:

  • Python 2.7+ and 3.3+
  • PYTHONPATH specifies the directory path that contains the mavlink repository.
  • Write access to the entire mavlink folder.
  • Your dialect's XML file is in message_definitions/*/

The scripts can be executed by running Python with the -m switch, which indicates that the given script exists on the PYTHONPATH. The following code runs in /pymavlink/tools/ on the recorded MAVLink stream test_run.mavlink (other scripts in /tools and /scripts can be run in a similar fashion):

python -m test_run.mavlink

Using the -m switch is the proper way to run Python scripts that are part of a library as per PEP-328 (and the rejected PEP-3122).

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