MAVLINK Message Set: paparazzi.xml

This is a human-readable form of the XML definition file: paparazzi.xml.

MAVLink 2 messages have an ID > 255 and are marked up using (MAVLink 2) in their description.

MAVLink 2 extension fields that have been added to MAVLink 1 messages are displayed in blue.

MAVLink Include Files: common.xml

The current MAVLink version is 2.3. The minor version numbers (after the dot) range from 1-255.

Message encoding a mission script item. This message is emitted upon a request for the next script item.

Field Name Type Description

Request script item with the sequence number seq. The response of the system to this message should be a SCRIPT_ITEM message.

Field Name Type Description

Request the overall list of mission items from the system/component.

Field Name Type Description

This message is emitted as response to SCRIPT_REQUEST_LIST by the MAV to get the number of mission scripts.

Field Name Type Description

This message informs about the currently active SCRIPT.

Field Name Type Description

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