The MAVLink "microservices" define higher-level protocols that MAVLink systems can adopt in order to better inter-operate. For example, QGroundControl, ArduPilot and PX4 autopilots all share a common Command Protocol for sending point-to-point messages that require an acknowledgment.

The microservices are used to exchange many types of data, including: parameters, missions, trajectories, images, other files. If the data can be far larger than can be fit into a single message, services will define how the data is split and re-assembled, and how to ensure that any lost data is re-transmitted. Other services provide command acknowledgment and/or error reporting.

Most services use the client-server pattern, such that the GCS (client) initiates a request and the vehicle (server) responds with data.

The main microservices are shown in the sidebar (most are listed below):

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