Dialect: development

This dialect contains messages that are proposed for inclusion in the standard set, in order to ease development of prototype implementations. They should be considered a 'work in progress' and not included in production builds.

This topic is a human-readable form of the XML definition file: development.xml.

MAVLink 2 messages have an ID > 255 and are marked up using (MAVLink 2) in their description.

MAVLink 2 extension fields that have been added to MAVLink 1 messages are displayed in blue.

MAVLink Include Files: standard.xml

The current MAVLink version is 2.0. The minor version numbers (after the dot) range from 1-255.

This file has protocol dialect: 0.

MAVLink Type Enumerations


[Enum] WiFi wireless security protocols.

ValueField NameDescription
0WIFI_NETWORK_SECURITY_UNDEFINEDUndefined or unknown security protocol.
1WIFI_NETWORK_SECURITY_OPENOpen network, no security.


[Enum] Types of airspeed sensor/data. May be be used in AIRSPEED message to estimate accuracy of indicated speed.

ValueField NameDescription
0AIRSPEED_SENSOR_TYPE_UNKNOWNAirspeed sensor type unknown/not supplied.
1AIRSPEED_SENSOR_TYPE_DIFFERENTIALDifferential airspeed sensor
2AIRSPEED_SENSOR_TYPE_MASS_FLOWMass-flow airspeed sensor.
3AIRSPEED_SENSOR_TYPE_WINDVANEWindvane airspeed sensor.
4AIRSPEED_SENSOR_TYPE_SYNTHETICSynthetic/calculated airspeed.

MAVLink Commands (MAV_CMD)

MAVLink commands (MAV_CMD) and messages are different! These commands define the values of up to 7 parameters that are packaged INSIDE specific messages used in the Mission Protocol and Command Protocol. Use commands for actions in missions or if you need acknowledgment and/or retry logic from a request. Otherwise use messages.

MAVLink Messages


WORK IN PROGRESS: Do not use in stable production environments (it may change).

[Message] Checksum for the current mission, rally points or geofence plan (a GCS can use this checksum to determine if it has a matching plan definition). This message must be broadcast following any change to a plan (immediately after the MISSION_ACK that completes the plan upload sequence). It may also be requested using MAV_CMD_REQUEST_MESSAGE, where param 2 indicates the plan type for which the hash is required. The checksum must be calculated on the autopilot, but may also be calculated by the GCS. The checksum uses the same CRC32 algorithm as MAVLink FTP (https://mavlink.io/en/services/ftp.html#crc32-implementation). It is run over each item in the plan in seq order (excluding the home location if present in the plan), and covers the following fields (in order): frame, command, autocontinue, param1, param2, param3, param4, param5, param6, param7.

Field NameTypeValuesDescription
mission_typeuint8_tMAV_MISSION_TYPEMission type.
checksumuint32_tCRC32 checksum of current plan for specified type.

AIRSPEED ( #295 )

WORK IN PROGRESS: Do not use in stable production environments (it may change).

[Message] (MAVLink 2) Airspeed information from a sensor.

Field NameTypeUnitsValuesDescription
iduint8_tSensor ID.
airspeedfloatm/sCalibrated airspeed (CAS) if available, otherwise indicated airspeed (IAS).
temperatureint16_tcdegCTemperature. INT16_MAX for value unknown/not supplied.
press_difffloathPaDifferential pressure. NaN for value unknown/not supplied.
press_staticfloathPaStatic pressure. NaN for value unknown/not supplied.
errorfloatm/sError/accuracy. NaN for value unknown/not supplied.
typeuint8_tAIRSPEED_SENSOR_TYPEAirspeed sensor type. NaN for value unknown/not supplied. Used to estimate accuracy (i.e. as an alternative to using the error field).


WORK IN PROGRESS: Do not use in stable production environments (it may change).

[Message] (MAVLink 2) Detected WiFi network status information. This message is sent per each WiFi network detected in range with known SSID and general status parameters.

Field NameTypeUnitsValuesDescription
ssidchar[32]Name of Wi-Fi network (SSID).
channel_iduint8_tWiFi network operating channel ID. Set to 0 if unknown or unidentified.
signal_qualityuint8_t%WiFi network signal quality.
data_rateuint16_tMiB/sWiFi network data rate. Set to UINT16_MAX if data_rate information is not supplied.
securityuint8_tWIFI_NETWORK_SECURITYWiFi network security type.

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