Payload Protocols

MAVLink defines a number of commands for directly controlling particular types of payloads like winches and grippers, and for controlling generic payloads. In addition there are commands for payload placement in missions.

Camera and Gimbal payloads are covered in their own topics.

Payload-Specific Commands

MAVLink defines a number of commands for controlling specific types of payload hardware, including: winches, grippers, spotlights, etc. These commands may be used in both missions and commands, if supported by the target system.

They should be used (where supported) in preference to arbitrary payload commands, as generally they provide more "tailored" control over the payload, a better GCS user experience, and more informative logs.

MAV_CMD_DO_GRIPPERCommand to engage and release a gripper.
MAV_CMD_DO_WINCHCommand to operate a specified winch.
MAV_CMD_ILLUMINATOR_ON_OFFCommand to turn illuminators ON/OFF. An illuminator is a light source that for lighting up dark areas external to the system, such as a headlight or searchlight.

Generic Payload Commands

MAVLink has a number of commands for setting actuator outputs. These can be used to control arbitrary/generic payloads.

Use the commands for known payload types where possible as they are more intuitive for users, and in logs.

MAV_CMD_DO_SET_ACTUATORSets actuators (e.g. servos) to a desired value. The actuator numbers are mapped to specific outputs (e.g. on any MAIN or AUX PWM or UAVCAN) using a flight-stack specific mechanism (for example, parameters).
MAV_CMD_DO_SET_SERVOSets a servo, identified by a specified instance number, to a specified PWM value.
MAV_CMD_DO_SET_RELAYSet a specified relay instance on or off.
MAV_CMD_DO_REPEAT_RELAYCycle a relay on and off for a desired number of cycles with a desired period.


  • MAV_CMD_DO_SET_ACTUATOR is more recent than MAV_CMD_DO_SET_SERVO, but has not yet been widely adopted.
    • Only implemented only on PX4 (June 2021). For more information see the PX4 User Guide.
  • MAV_CMD_DO_SET_SERVO is impemented on both ArduPilot and PX4 (Missions only). In both cases instance numbers map to corresponding AUX outputs.

Payload Deployment Commands

These commands can be used to deploy a payload at a specfic location, controlling the approach and land behaviour.

MAV_CMD_NAV_PAYLOAD_PLACEMove to target location, descend and release payload.


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